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Knapsack Sprayer
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Technical Data
Container Capacity(L): 14
Fuel tank capacity(L): 13
Net Weight(kg): 10.5
Mating Power: 1E40FP-3Z
Power(kw/r/min): 1.83/6500
Package Dimension(mm): 510 X 390 X 680


(1) Main features

1. The efficiency of wind turbines is high, and the performance indicators such as wind pressure, air flow rate, machine noise, and range are superior to Japan's 90-year-old products and 3WF--3 type backpacks.

2. machine power, wide power adjustment range. The design of 1.3 kW/6000 rev/min (spray operation) and 1.92 kW/6500 rev/min (strong penetration of the dusting operation) are used to ensure that a wide range of control requirements are met and various operations are improved. Economical conditions. When working in the 1.3 kW/6000 rpm spray operation, the fuel consumption is about 50% lower than the dusting condition, which is 10%~20% lower than that of the type 18 working condition.


(2) Control of powder injection quantity In addition to the powder door handle, there are three holes on the valve body rocker arm (Fig. 43). The position of the change hole can change the spray volume.


(3) with a variety of spray parts 3WF--2.6 type backpack with a variety of spraying (spray) parts, the user can choose according to job requirements.

1. Membrane spray nozzle: In addition to the membrane powder spray tube, it is also equipped with a thin film nozzle with a baffle structure, suitable for spraying granules and powders, with three specifications of 20, 30 and 40 meters in length.

2. particle nozzle: There are two types of I and T. Type I nozzles are 3.5 meters long for spraying on one side; T-type nozzles are 7 meters long for spraying on both sides.

3. Fan-shaped nozzles: Suitable for high-efficiency spraying of granular fertilizers and pesticides. Daejeon or sporadic blocks are suitable. The maximum distance of spraying is 17 meters.

4. Round sprinklers: Suitable for spraying out granular fertilizers and pesticides from the roots of agricultural and forestry crops.

5. fan-shaped nozzle: It is suitable for different terrains and lands, spraying granular fertilizers and pesticides. It has wide web width and high efficiency. 5.3MF--4 type backpack machine This machine is produced by the Northwest Forestry Machinery Factory. The supporting power is 1E52F gasoline engine, rated power is 2.94 kilowatts/7000 rpm, and the fan type is forward bending type not equal short distance. blade.

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